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I am interested in a career in funeral service, what is my first step?

Not everyone in funeral service jumped right in as a Funeral Director.  Many individuals, who are now licensed Funeral Directors, started on the ground floor and started working as a part-time Funeral Attendant or Office Administrator, Reception Hostess, Groundskeeper,  Driver or car washer.  After getting some much needed experience and seeing the profession from behind the scenes is when they truly realized this was the profession they wanted to persue.  They approached the owner/manager of the funeral home and expressed their desire to become a Funeral Director. 

If the opportunity was available they would be enrolled in one of the education programs, approved by the Funeral Board of Manitoba,  to become an Apprentice Funeral Director.   In some cases and with the right candidate and opportunity, you may be able to secure a position as a Funeral Director Apprentice at the very beginning.   That doesn't always work for everyone as the candidate may not be fully aware of the commitment required to be a Funeral Director.  It can also be more challenging for the employer as the opportuity to evaluate the candidate isn't quite the same as if they had been working for them or in the profession before taking the next step.   

Upon the successful completion of their education, one program is a minimum of two years of a combination of school and practical work experience, they would become a Licensed Funeral Director.  The process takes a great deal of commitment and effort but in the end it is well worth it! 

Caring for people who are experiencing what is likely the most difficult time in their life is rewarding beyond compare.

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