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The Manitoba Funeral Service Association is a non-profit association which serves Funeral Directors and funeral homes across the Province of Manitoba. The Manitoba Funeral Service Association is dedicated to the advancement of funeral service through support to the public, as well as to our individual members.

The Manitoba Funeral Association Executive is assembled by elected and volunteer Funeral Directors who serve and support our members by providing services, promotional materials and educational opportunities.

Aboriginal Funeral Chapel
The city of Winnipeg is home to one of the largest urban population of indigenous peoples, including Aboriginal, Metis, and Inuit.  Death is a significant experience in native cultures, and is considered a fundamental rite of passage.  It is a time to
evolve into a world of spirits, communicate with ancestors, settle differences and make peace – it should not be feared. These ideals are different than mainstream opinions surrounding death, and for that reason should not be subjected to conventional funeral services.

In 1991, Tony Kozak, along with his wife Ruth, recognized the importance and need for the Aboriginal culture to be able to practice their death customs. They created a unique facility where Natives could observe their traditions in the city, called the Aboriginal Funeral Chapel, which is located in the heart of the North End of Winnipeg, at 724 Selkirk Avenue.  The current owner, Peter Killcollins encourages you to visit their website at Aboriginal Funeral Chapel to learn more.

                                                   Aboriginal Funeral Chapel